AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2001
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•  Thursday, June 12

•  Friday, June 13

•  Saturday, June 14

•  Sunday, June 15

•  Monday, June 16

•  Tuesday, June 17

•  Wednesday, June 18

•  Thursday, June 19

•  Friday, June 20

•  Saturday, June 21

•  Sunday, June 22

•  Monday, June 23

•  Tuesday, June 24


Contact Us

If you wish to email a tour participant while we are on the tour, please enter the person's name the message is for in the subject portion of the message.

It must be noted that due to connection logistics, your message may not be recieved as soon as you might think. Also, we do not have a printer, so all tour participants will take turns reading personal messages when time allows. Due to our tour schedule, please do not expect a reply.

Click HERE to send your message.