AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2003
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Sunday, June 15

After breakfast, we boarded the coach for Charolles. As we traveled through rolling hills of white cows grazing, we were once again treated to morning devotions by Art Hill. We arrived at the Eglise Sacre Coeur in Charolles, the sight of tonight's concert.

The Madrigals warmed up inside the church which is a beautiful neo-gothic style church. Built in the nineteenth century, the tall gothic ceilings combined with the length of the church offered the perfect acoustic environment for the Madrigals.

The Madrigals offered two pieces for the Sunday morning Mass.

After the Mass, our group split up into four sub groups each to be treated to lunch at four different households. This was a great time to experience French culture and great French food. Our hosts were very gracious and generous. We tried to have at least one french speaking person from our group at each of the lunches. However, many of our hosts could speak or understand English.

After we returned from lunch, each madrigal got to choose a Farari to take for a spin around town... just kidding! You don't see seven Fararis parked in front of a church very often. I just had to take the shot!

The Madrigals gave their first concert of the tour in the Eglise Sacre Coeur the proceeds of which are for the church's pipe organ fund. The Madrigal's performance was absolutely beautiful, inspiring, and moving. Their sound was pure, and the evening was truly blessed--even thunder accompanied the Barocha. It was amazing.

Hear the Madrigal's performance of Jesus Christ the Apple Tree ! You will need the Real Audio player to listen. Click here to download the player.

The Madrigals were well received by their gracious audience.

After the concert, the Madrigals were given a reception.

Cindy presented Madam Du Lucena with a gift--a pewter cup with the Maryland insignia.

After the reception, we boarded the coach for a wonderful dinner in Roanne.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

Some synopsis of the day... more to come later

Julie Coleman

Our group of 12 was whisked away to a quaint farmhouse and its surrounding buildings. The farmhouse dated back to the 1600’s, but had been recently renovated. Our hosts had taken over the farm from his parents, and had a sizable vegetable garden with an incredible view of the surrounding valley.

After a large garden salad, pizza, cous-cous, and bread, we decided to help the hostess out by stacking the plates. As she came out of the kitchen, she gasped in dismay at our neat little pile. She had yet another plate, the main course of beef and chicken in her hands! Embarrassed, we apologized profusely. We thought the meal was over! In actuality, we had three courses to go.

As we ate, I asked one of our French hosts if this part of France was occupied during World War II by the Germans. He explained to me that the northern half of France was occupied, but the southern part, Vichy France, was not. In fact, the border between the two sides of France was about 3 km from the farmhouse. It was in a forest which the Germans guarded intensely, allowing no one to cross from one side to the other. They would shoot on sight. Our host also told us of a young girl of 18 years in Charolles who risked her life to help the Jews escape the Nazi soldiers. She led over 100 children and adults sneak across the border into Vichy France. She died recently, and to the town’s surprise, many children and grandchildren came back to Charolles to attend her funeral. It was a touching and memorable event.

Today's Agenda
9:00 am Transfer by coach to Charolles
10:00 am Warm up in the church
11:00 am Mass participation in the Eglise Sacre Coeur
12:15 pm Lunch in the homes of the members of the host Association "Les Amis de l'Orgue de Charolles"
3:00 pm Rehearsal
4:30 pm Concert in the Eglise Sacre Coeur, Charolles
6:00 pm Reception
  Return by coach to Roanne
8:30 pm Dinner in restaurant