AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2003
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Saturday, June 21

The Madrigals rehearsed Jesus Christ the Apple Tree to be performed at the morning's worship service.

While the Madrigals rehearsed with the Festival choir and the orchestra, the non singers took a walking tour of Bern.

One stop was the Bern clock tower. The tower houses a large clock that was designed and created in 1530 by Kasper Bruner. The clock is wound by hand and still keeps accurate time to this day.

Here is a view from the clock tower of the Munster cathedral.

Here are pictures of the Bruner clock. This thing is about the size of a small car. Kasper hand forged all of the metal parts including each of the many gears. It is powered by weights that hang from the tower which must be wound by hand. Kasper even had a device using a small weight to keep the clock working for fifteen minutes while winding the weights. This was the only clock he ever built.

At dinner, we were surprised to see Maja and Daniel Muhl! The Muhls are the parents of Mirjam Muhl who came over to Annapolis from Switzerland for three months and sang in the Girl's Glee Club at AACS.

After dinner we boarded the coach to the Casino concert hall for the gala concert!

In addition to the Madrigals, Sam (top left in the picture below) also participated as part of the festival chorus!

The Madrigals did a wonderful job as the semi chorus and were even acknowledged by sir David Willcocks.

After the performance of the Dvorak Mass and the Mozart Regina Coeli, there was a brief intermission.

The Madrigals were invited by the BBC producer to come to Manchester England for a week to sing live on a morning radio program that reaches 275,000 people each day!

At the end of the concert, Sir David left the stage during the applause. As the applause continued, he came back to the stage and took another bow. Then he turned around and pointed to the Madrigals and motioned for Cindy to come to the font of the stage!

As Cindy approached, sir David gave her a hand shake.

As Cindy returned, the whole festival choir gave sir David a standing ovation.

Flowers were given to Sir David, Paul Leddington Wright, and Nielson & Young.

As Paul Leddington Wright was walking off the stage, he threw his flowers to Cindy!


After the concert, Paul Leddington Wright and Sir David Willcocks were presented gifts from the Madrigals.

Knowing Paul collects stuffed bears (or people just keep giving him stuffed bears), Paul's gift from the Madrigals was a 'Build a Bear' Teddy Bear which was dressed in a white Navy uniform representing Annapolis. If you're familiar with a 'Build a Bear', you know that the bear is custom stuffed, comes with a birth certificate, and can emit a personal twelve second recording when its hand is squeezed.

At this point, the Madrigals sang the Barocha to Paul after which he was asked to squeeze the Teddy Bear's hand. After a little silence, Paul squeezed the little guy's hand, we could all hear the Madrigals singing twelve seconds of a faster Barocha! Those twelve seconds were recorded in Annapolis before we left!

A big fan of puzzles, Sir David was presented with a puzzle of Annapolis.


Today's Agenda
Morning Morning inspiration followed by rehearsals for performers and a special program of sightseeing for friends and spouses
Evening Grand Finale Concert and farewell party