AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2003
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Monday, June 16


We enjoyed a day in the second largest city in France, Lyon. In Lyon we had the opportunity experience more French cuisine, shop, and visit several cathedrals as well as the ruins of two Roman amphitheaters which have been restored and are used as performance venues today. From Lyon we left for Oyonnax to meet the host families that the Madrigals will stay the night with. Here are some pictures from today.


At the top of a hill lies the Basilica, a Baroque style cathedral.

The Amphitheater Roman ruins

Back in the old town of Lyon, the inside of another cathedral.

Waiting to board the coach to Oyannax.

Meeting the host families in Oyannax


Today's Agenda
Morning Depart by coach for Nantua, stopping en route to visit Lyon
6:00 pm Arrive in Oyonnax and meet the host families at the Centre Culturel d'Oyonnax
Evening Dinner with host families