AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2001
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•  Friday, June 15

•  Saturday, June 16

•  Sunday, June 17

•  Monday, June 18

•  Tuesday, June 19

•  Wednesday, June 20

•  Thursday, June 21

•  Friday, June 22

•  Saturday, June 23

•  Sunday, June 24

•  Monday, June 25

•  Tuesday, June 26


Each Madrigal Singer has been responsible for financing the cost of the tour. This cost has been offset by the gracious donations of various individuals and organizations. The AACS Madrigal Singers would like to thank all of those that have supported this trip prayerfully and financially.

Special thanks goes to: the people of Aosta, the Chiesa Collegiata di Sant' Orso church, the Coro 'La Neuventse choir, our mountain guides, and tour guides, the people, host families, and Mayor of La Roche sur Foron, the Eglise St Jean Baptiste church, the International Church Music Festival for allowing us to participate in this year's festival, the Chilsa Parrochiale church and the people of Canzo, our wonderful and incredible tour guide Suzanne, our amazing bus driver Antonio, Continental Airlines, Robyn our tour consultant and ACFEA for coordinating our wonderful and memorable tour.