AACS Madrigal Singers European Tour 2001
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The Annapolis Area Christian School Madrigal Singers

"Their gift of artistry is as truthful as any sermon, as healing as an act of kindness, and as beautiful as any sunset."

The AACS Madrigal Singers is a group of sixteen high school students from the Annapolis Area Christian School, Annapolis Maryland. The group started in 1991 as an after school activity and was established in 1992 as part of the daily curriculum of the school. During its nine-year history the group has sung in the following venues:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Harper’s Ferry Christmas Festival
  • Retirement Communities
  • Midnight Madness – Downtown Annapolis Maryland
  • Military Bases
  • Association of Christian Schools
  • TV and Radio
  • International Conferences
  • Camden Yards Baseball Stadium - Baltimore Maryland
  • County and State Choral Festivals
  • The 50th Anniversary of the End of WWII Celebrations in France and England
  • Shopping Malls
  • Maryland Educators Music Conference
  • Bowie Bay Sox Stadium
  • The Maryland Renaissance Festival
  • Various AACS Functions
  • Hospitals
  • Annapolis Maryland City Council
  • Private Parties
  • Community Children’s Fair
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Cindy Bauchspies’ Annual Christmas Concert
  • Moscow Ballet at the Mechanic Theater
  • Selected for International Church Music Festival Bern, Switzerland June 2001

Madrigal Singers in European Festival

The Madrigal Singers have officially been invited to participate in the 18th annual International Church Music Festival during June 21-26, 2001 in Bern, Switzerland. Sir David Willcocks, for many years head of the choral arts at King’s College, Cambridge, is the festival’s Conductor. The Artistic Director is Paul Leddington Wright, who works with the BBC and is the music advisor and conductor for Coventry Cathedral.

In November Mrs. Bauchspies flew to Switzerland for five days, for intensive preparation with Mr. Willcocks and the other participating conductors. On January 15 Mr. Leddington Wright arrived in Annapolis to spend a day and evening as a guest of our School, working with the Madrigal Singers.

The honor for AACS and Mrs. Bauchspies, as the founder and director of choral arts here, is great. The AACS Madrigal Singers will be the only high school group invited to participate in this year's festival.

Benefit Concert

Something very sacred and beautiful happened in the elegant, new sanctuary of St. John Neumann’s Church, the mission church of St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Annapolis. On June 17, 2000, the Madrigal Singers alumni/ae presented a choral offering of a cappella sacred music, including the modern classic "Pie Jesu" from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem. Director Cindy Bauchspies’ vision for the group has always been to honor Christ with excellence and beauty. Whether singing on the beach at Normandy, France as part of the World War II Commemorative Ceremonies in 1995 or wearing Renaissance costumes while caroling shoppers in downtown Annapolis or singing to nursing home residents or singing with the Moscow Ballet at the Mechanic Theater, the Madrigal Singers are known for poise and ease, ethereal warmth, and exquisite musical perfection. In this concert the beauty of sound, overtone, and echo were so heavenly and moving that singers and listeners alike experienced spontaneous tears of joy. It was as if the stone and wood and glass of this splendid sanctuary were praising God, too. It was a spiritually nourishing concert of rare choral beauty. The event was conceived by Mrs. Bauchspies as a reunion for alumni of the group and a benefit for the future home of the choral arts at the School’s new Severn Run campus.

Inspiration for excellence

The Madrigal Singers were invited (the only high school group) to perform at the Maryland Music Educators Conference held in Baltimore February 20 and 21. They sang a 45-minute program for educators from around the state.

What people are saying about the Madrigal Singers. . .

    "Their gift of artistry is as truthful as any sermon, as healing as an act of kindness, and as beautiful as any sunset."

    "When a performance is so thrilling, it seems there is a desire for it to never end!"

    "The Madrigal Singers are a very special group of young people with exceptional talent."

    "They are so professional!"

    "Your selections were fun and meaningful, and the Madrigals performed them flawlessly."

    "A treat for the eyes and ears!"   -Paul Rardin, Professor, Towson University

    "Great sense of vitality and feeling of ensemble."   -Dollie Wright, Choral Director, Parkside High School

    "Look beautiful and sound excellent!"   -Everett Williams, Choral Director, Walter Johnson High School

    "You are an excellent group and I listened with sheer joy!"   -Hugh Carey, Adjudicator, AACo. Choral Festival, 1997