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Cindy Releases "Remember The Lamb - A Christmas Concert" - November, 2006

Cindy has released a live recording from her 2006 Christmas concert.

Cindy Leads Worship for the USNA Protestant Contemporary Worship Service

Cindy with her husband Todd have begun leading worship for the United States Naval Accademy Protestant contemporary worship service - 2005 

Cindy is Recipient of Annie Award

The Cultural Arts Foundation of Anne Arundel County honored Cindy with an Annie award for excellence in Arts Education - 2003 

Cindy Conducts AACS Madrigals in Europe - June, 2003

The AACS Madrigal Singers toured Europe and participated in the 20th International Church Music Festival. Click Here for a synopsis of the tour.

Cindy's Husband Todd Releases His First CD "Above the Rain" - December, 2001

Todd has released his first CD entitled "Above the Rain", a collection of acoustic guitar instrumentals. Cindy accompanies Todd on one of the pieces.  

Cindy Conducts AACS Madrigals in Europe - June, 2001

The AACS Madrigal Singers toured Europe and participated in the 18th International Church Music Festival. Click Here for a synopsis of the tour.

Cindy Opens for Michael Card at Maryland Hall - Annapolis, MD June 3, 2000

Cindy had the wonderful opportunity to open for Michael Card at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts on June 3. The concert proceeds benefited the Annapolis Area Christian School Marching Band program. Cindy had the honor of being accompanied by Michael Card on Tin Whistle as she ended her set with her arrangement of Be Thou My Vision. Cindy with Michael Card

Cindy Conducts Rutter's Gloria at St. Anne's Episcopal Church May 13, 2000

Cindy conducted the Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers of the Annapolis Area Christian School as they performed John Rutter's Gloria and ten pieces in ten languages from around the world. The concert was held in the beautiful St. Anne's Episcopal Church at Church Circle in downtown Annapolis MD. The AACS students were magnificent! The concert ended with God So Loved the World and was accompanied by a gentle thunder as the students proclaimed the gift of Christ.

Peaceable Kingdom gets Airplay at WRBS

Three songs from Cindy's latest CD Peaceable Kingdom have been getting airplay on WRBS FM 95.1 in Baltimore. The songs aired have been: For Us All, Be Thou My Vision, and the title track to the CD, Peaceable Kingdom. Cindy was also interviewed by WRBS's Dick Ireland which was aired on March 29, 1999. You can read a transcript of the interview below.

Summer of 1999

In August 1999, Cindy and her husband Todd performed a concert for their CD release party at Solomon's Porch Coffee House in Edgewater, Maryland. The place was packed, and it was a great night of sharing and celebrating God's goodness. A special thank you goes to all that organized this event and for all those that came!

Also in August, Cindy had the opportunity to lead worship at the Community Reformed Church in Charlevoix, Michigan.

In July, Cindy led worship and gave a concert at the third annual Jonathan Edwards Institute Conference in Annapolis, Maryland. This was Cindy's third appearance at the conference.

Transcript of WRBS interview with Dick Ireland March 29, 1999:

Dick: Cindy, are you a native Marylander--have you lived here all your life?
Cindy: I've been here since 1983, my father was in the Airforce. Before that we were all over the place and then he retired out here so I'm almost a native.
Dick: Now, do you have a musical family? I happen to know your mother is also musically talented, is your dad as well?
Cindy: My dad isn't although he appreciates music tremendously. We have jam sessions with several of the family members and he's always the front cheerleader.
Dick: Oh that's great (laughs). Tell me about your musical background.
Cindy: Well, I grew up in the church and my mom directed choirs and I used to play for her choirs from the time I was about nine or ten actually.
Dick: You played the piano?
Cindy: Yeah, I played the piano--and then I went on to study piano at UMBC in college and majored in piano performance, and then I've been working at the Annapolis Area Christian School--went there right after college--and conduct choirs there and have been there ever since.
Dick: Now you also are music director at your church, is that right?
Cindy: Right, at Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian and I've been doing that for several years now too.
Dick: Now, you have written many of the songs in you album have you not?
Cindy: Right..
Dick: How many?
Cindy: Gosh, I think seven or eight on the album. I have to count them for sure--but most of the ones on the album I've written.
Dick: Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Cindy: You know, it changes, but my favorites are mostly determined by how I feel it touches people and Peaceable Kingdom--which is the title cut off the album, seems to really be a great encouragement to people. So I'd have to say that's my favorite.
Dick: My wife loves For Us All. She's crazy about that and I've had the opportunity to play that on the air here at RBS a couple of times and--well you must have a talented family because I notice in the album that your husband Todd actually designed the cover, and part of the cover is sort of a border although it not on the extreme outside of the front of the CD, but there's a border there and it looks like a quilt, and indeed that quilt was made by somebody very...
Cindy: Right, my great, great grandmother made the quilt and it's hanging in our living room and we thought it would be a neat border--and she was a Christian--and just kind of a neat heritage with the title of Peaceable Kingdom...
Dick: And she did that back in 1893.
Cindy: Yes..
Dick: I was only a little boy back then... (laughter) Well, you play piano, and you sing, and you do both on your album. Do you play other instruments as well Cindy?
Cindy: No, I rely on other people to do that, I'm just a piano player so...
Dick: How did the idea come about to do an album?
Cindy: Well I've been doing Christian music for a long time, singing in church, and doing concerts around the area, and through the encouragement of my family, and several friends and my husband, I thought that maybe it was time to put these to a CD so that they might be able to encourage other people as well.
Dick: That's great. Now you and I were chatting briefly before we began this interview and you told me as of the time we're speaking that the only Christian bookstore that the album is available in is Shephard's Nook down there in Ann Arundel county and people can also get it from your web site is that correct?
Cindy: Right, we have a web page that's Marble Halls and there's an order form on the web page and they can go to the web page and order it from there.
Dick: And you are I assume going to try to have it in other Christian book stores in the not too distant future.
Cindy: It's pretty recent, we just got it in December so we're going to be pursuing the local book stores here in Ann Arundel county and then others in Maryland also.
Dick: As a musician and writer Cindy, other than yourself, who are some of the people you enjoy listening to the most?
Cindy: I really enjoy the song writing of Twila Paris and Michael Card, and John Micheal Talbot. I really appreciate the integrity that they apply to their writing and how they speak about faith.. and everything. Those would have to be my three.
Dick: How about to listen to somebody?
Cindy: Probably those too although I listen to lots of different people and enjoy lots of other artists as well. Probably those three would be the top.
Dick: Well, we've been speaking with Cindy Bauchspies this morning about her new album and a little about her background--we're going to play the tune--her favorite from her album Peaceable Kingdom.