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Remember The Lamb - A Christmas Concert

"This live album is for all of those in our community who have attended the Christmas concerts over these past 15 years.

In 1991, I thought it would be fun to perform a concert of Christmas music and make it a free event for the community. The first one was held at Annapolis EP church in Annapolis MD, and I don't even remember how many people came!

In the fall of 1992 at a Sunday evening church service, a young boy asked me if I was going to do another Christmas concert. I hadn't planned on it, but his earnest prompting resulted in a tradition that is now in its second decade.

One of my favorite parts of the concert each year is playing the piano as a background for my Dad's reading of the Christmas story from Luke Chapter 2. Growing up, my siblings and I would gather in our living room every Christmas Eve to listen to my Dad read this beloved passage. I am thrilled to include it on this album.

Friendships and family ties have been born, rekindled, and celebrated through the production and enjoyment of these concerts through the years, and Todd and I hope that as you listen to this album you will be reminded of those connections to community that make life so rich and full of meaning.

The Celebration of Christmas is really a celebration of hope and life, all wrapped up in this little life, born in a humble cow's stall." Cindy

Remember The Lamb - A Christmas Concert CD
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Peaceable Kingdom

"Thanks for your interest in this CD! I hope these songs are an encouragement to you, and to your faith. The reason I like to write about faith in Christ is that it is the only thing I know in life that offers true and abiding hope. Hope is something that seems more and more illusive these days--but for those who put their trust in Christ, it is a genuine reality. Through His sacrifice for our failures (big and small), He redeems us, in all our self-pity and pain; He even redeems that pain and can turn it into something wonderful. I have seen that happen in so many lives--those who it would seem have a lot to be angry and bitter about, but in their faith God shows them riches and blessings beyond measure. Those people have been the inspiration for many of these songs, and I look forward to reminiscing about this life with them someday in eternity."   Cindy

Peaceable Kingdom CD
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