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Cindy's List

A large portion of a choral conductor's time is spent on selecting repertoire. "Cindy's List" is an online anthology which seeks to make that job easier by providing instant access to over 200 masterworks of the thousands available for immediate download on the Choral Public Domain Libray (CPDL).

There are three ways the scores can be sorted: by composer, name of work, or genre. Two links to CPDL for each work are provided: the first one links to an edition of the work, the second link leads to the edition page for that work, showing all available uploaded editions. Using this anthology, a conductor can immediately bring up a score of the work that is listed.

All of the works listed are appropriate for any high achieving high school or college choral ensemble and would also be useful for a sight-singing or choral reading seminar or session.

This choral anthology was compiled as part of Dr. Bauchspies' doctoral disertation. Chapter 3 of the disertation--Choosing the Right Edition: Editorial Principles for Available Masterworks on CPDL, discusses editorial principles that will help guide those using the site to the best edition available.

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